After many years of professional preparatory work, in 1992 the Member States of the European Union established a consortium, centered in London. Its task was to develop a set of standardized language tests in the languages of the Member States of the EU. In accordance with the EU unification policy, the Member States that formed the consortium wanted to ensure equivalency and recognition of the certificates in each language without having to be validated on a national level...

The essence of standardization lies within the construction of the exam tests, the examination, results evaluation and the bestowment of graduation diplomas based on a set of well-defined principles within a single examination system.

The adaptation of standards for 15 European languages has been performed, based on which the attainment tests are constructed in each language and the ECL exams proceed. The professional responsibility for the ECL language tests is assumed by a prestigious university from the country of origin of each language, which creates the tests and evaluates the papers. Based on the uniform criteria established in the first stage of standardization, ECL exams can be taken in English, German, Spanish, Italian, Croatian, Polish, Slovak, Hungarian, and Romanian and are recognized at a European and international level. The ECL exam’s environment is the European Union, however, due to its general aspect it can easily be taken by South or Central American candidates.

The ECL examination system is open to every social category, from students to adult employees. It tests the oral and written capacity to use language in everyday communication on practical, professional and personal subjects, at different degrees of complexity. The ECL exam is useful in the international recognition of language skills, in the attestation of foreign language skills required to pursue studies, do research and seek employment in European countries or anywhere else in the world. It is advantageous for pupils, students, employees and adults who study multiple languages and wish to possess an equivalent language exam portfolio.  The ECL exam is a <<language passport>> that aids in the international recognition of achievements in language study and of different linguistic and multicultural experiences.
The ECL Consortium’s efforts regarding language teaching and motivation of language learning are very much appreciated by the competent EU forums, proof of which are its moral appreciation and the allocation of permanent funds for the development and expansion of the ECL examination system.

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