Starting with the December 2008 session, apart from the COMPLEX ECL exams, the WRITTEN and ORAL ECL exams will be introduced.


  •  Listening Comprehension (Listening)
     Oral Exam (Speaking)
     Reading Comprehension (Reading)
     Written Exam (Writing)


New! ECL ORAL EXAM – 2 skills

Listening comprehension (Listening)
Oral Exam (Speaking)


New! ECL WRITTEN EXAM - 2 skills

Reading Comprehension (Reading)
Written Examination (Writing)


Due to these modifications, as of December 2008 candidates can no longer take a partial exam (re-examination) testing a single skill.

Abilities – marks

Oral expression (speaking) 25 marks
Written expression (composition) 25 marks
Reading comprehension (reading) 25 marks
Listening comprehension 25 marks


Required level

60% on the exam
40% on the skill tests


General description of the tests


Oral expression

1. Introduction
The main goal of this part is to make candidates relax and allow the interviewer to gather information about the candidate.
2. Guided conversation
The interviewer initiates a conversation on a subject of his choosing and encourages conversation between the candidates.
3. Picture description based on visual stimuli
The recommended images and questions will be made available to the ECL examination centers by the Secretary's Office.


Written expression

The test evaluates the candidate’s written capacity of short texts regarding daily situations including general information.

Reading comprehension

The test evaluates the candidate’s capacity to understand short and simple texts with general content.


Listening comprehension

The test evaluates the candidate’s capacity to understand a conversation on a familiar subject as well as getting the general idea of a simple public announcement.


Comparative chart of examination levels


Tabel comparativ de nivele de examinare


Common European Framework   ECL Cambridge Pitman TOEFL
C2 Proficient User   CPE Advanced 650
C1 C1 CAE Higher Intermediate 600
B2 Independent User B2 FCE Intermediate 1st 550
B1 B1 PET, YLE Intermediate 500
A2 Basic User A2 YLE Elementary 450
A1   YLE Basic  




Levels A2 B1 B2
Reading comprehension        
Length (minutes) 35 35 45 45
Length (minutes) 35 50 75 90
Listening comprehension        
Length (minutes) 25 25-30 30-35 35-40



Date Examene

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